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Hongkong Land Property Management

The sustainable difference: Integrated Management System

At the heart of good governance is a well-designed management system that is consistently


Dedicating the past few years to systemic improvements through obtaining the ISO

Environmental Management System certiication in

, and the OHSAS ˜ Occupational

Health and Safety Management System certiication in

™, we saw encouraging enhancements in

our performance in environmental management, occupational health and safety across our portfolio

and the Company as a whole.

But our quest for excellence continues. We embarked on the journey to combine the two systems

across all of our buildings in our Central portfolio into one holistic framework.

Integrated Management System €IMS‚

The IMS provides a comprehensive coverage

of environmental as well as occupational health

and safety issues across our Central portfolio.

Through stakeholder engagement and a

thorough review of our internal processes, we

built the integrated system based on current

best practice and applied them across the board.

Why IMS?

IMS makes good business sense. It is the

infrastructure that supports us to not only meet

the high standards we have set for ourselves,

but also the evolving needs of our business.

Providing clarity on our organisational goals

and outcomes, the IMS allows for all of our

sustainability objectives to be addressed at

once and helps ensure our full compliance of

all codes and regulations. A fully integrated

approach offers structural alignment between

the previously standalone systems in order for

them to be seamlessly managed and executed

without duplication of time and resources.

The IMS enables our senior management to gain

a holistic view of our sustainability efforts and

the inter-relationships in the business context,

with due consideration for all stakeholder

obligations and requirements. This ensures

effective leadership and commitment from

everyone involved, driving the team to work

cohesively with the bigger picture in mind.


External audits of our integrated system are

conducted annually following internal audits

and management review. We select and train

What does our IMS cover?

• Energy reduction

• Indoor air quality management

• Water quality management

• Waste reduction and recycling

• Occupational health and safety

staff members to become internal auditors who

take turns to audit different buildings across our

Central portfolio. This process of rotation and

cross-checking encourages vigilance and

consistency throughout the value chain.

Veri ication and certi ication

The rigorous veriication process is conducted

by independent third party ISO auditor and

involves more than staff members across

different properties. Holding every team

up to the same timeline and standards is no

easy feat, and we take pride in achieving this

certiication with zero non-compliance within

a relatively tight implementation timeframe.

Awards of excellence

Our efforts have been recognised:

Hongkong Land’s Central portfolio was given

the Best Managed Facility Award in the Asia

Paciic Awards of Excellence


by the International Facility Management

Association ŒIFMAŽ, recognising our property

management programme for making a

substantial positive contribution to the

success of the facility.