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Our stakeholders

• Business partners, shareholders and investors

• Tenants and customers

• Employees

• Suppliers/contractors

• Wider community

Our engagement channels

• Communication materials

• Engagement survey

• Participation in community activities

• Employee wellbeing programmes

• Overall governance

Engaging our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are the key partners in driving the success of our business. We seek to align our

goals to ensure that our joint efforts achieve the best outcomes.

A bird’s eye view: Our governance structure

An integrated team work behind the scene to ensure that our sustainability efforts are driven by a cohesive

feedback loop across the Company.

Senior management

Our sustainability efforts are steered by a senior

management team led by the Chief Executive,

which keeps us accountable to all our key


Head of Technical Services and Sustainability

He supervises the Integrated Management

System, upholds the benchmarks that safeguard

the quality of our work, and keeps us on track

for meeting our targets.

Managerial staff and committees

They drive the implementation of the Integrated

Management System in their respective

buildings. This team comprises the Sustainability

Manager, Senior Safety, Security and Training

Manager and ISO Committees.

Sustainability Policy

Hongkong Land is committed to high levels of sustainability within the properties we

develop and manage in order to minimise our impact on the environment as far as is

practical. In doing so, we create long-term value for our business and the communities

in which we operate.



Head of Technical Services

and Sustainability

Managerial sta

and committees

Members of the Property

Management sta

Members of the Property Management staff

Being the face of Hongkong Land’s commitment to

sustainability, they resolve a multitude of day to day

issues and work with vendors and suppliers to provide

the best service to our tenants and customers.

• We believe that sustainability is a necessary and

attainable goal to strive for through improved

products and processes, diligence and innovation

• We regard full compliance with statutory

requirements as a minimum standard and we

seek to apply best practices wherever possible

• We are committed to improving our environmental

standards, including those affecting health and

safety by modifying, upgrading, or replacing our

buildings’ facilities and systems

• We set long-term targets for improvement and

measure our performance against these goals