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Hongkong Land Property Management

Unshakable commitment

When we began reporting on our sustainability efforts in

, our priority was to

establish a clear, long-term policy on sustainability and to work unrelentingly to achieve

measurable targets. By

, our strategy and performance has matured to a stage

where our unshakable commitment has been integrated into every aspect of our work.

Working together to achieve the highest standards

One thing is clear: sustainability can never be realised in silo. That’s why a cooperative

spirit and a coordinated action plan that takes full account of the many interdependent

facets of our work is the key to success. Since

, our management systems have

consistently met the highest international standards, independently veriied and

professionally certiied. These have laid the foundation for an overarching system that

uniies our environmental and health and safety systems into an integrated whole.

Integration: the sustainable difference

After years of meticulous planning, well-orchestrated execution and dedication from

every single person involved in this ambitious project,

 marks the irst year of

our certiied Integrated Management System. Through integrating our certiied

environmental and health and safety systems, we send out a strong signal that

sustainability is a value we embrace and live by, in order to bring about substantial

lasting change in the environment, the communities we operate in, and our business

performance. This edition of our Sustainability Report will present how this system

works and the sustainable difference it has made to our business.

Message from our Chief Executive

2017 has been a pivotal year for sustainability

at Hongkong Land.