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Hongkong Land Property Management

Cleaning up the air we breathe

Hongkong Land sees Indoor Air Quality ŒIAQŽ

as a critical aspect of a premium environment

for work and leisure. The excellent indoor air

quality that we maintain in all our buildings can

be traced back to a variety of measures behind

the scene: maintaining suficient fresh air

supply using high-performance ilters to reduce

air-borne particulates, systematic inspection

and maintenance of all air-conditioning and

ventilation systems, including regular cleaning

of air ilters and ducting, and having rigorous

control on levels of indoor pollutant sources

by using no- or low-emission materials.


, our efforts and performance in IAQ

management have been recognised by the

HKSAR Environmental Protection Department

through the award of a total of ˜ Indoor Air

Quality Certiicates for our Central portfolio,

including a special certiicate for being among

the top participants. In addition, as an

acknowledgement of our decade-long

commitment to the IAQ certiication scheme,

we were awarded a -year commitment


Join hands for the environment

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to

environmental stewardship. We recognise that

it is not enough to do our part in our business

operations but we must also demonstrate our

commitment to sustainability and be a force

behind meaningful community-wide campaigns

for a more sustainable city.

Hongkong Land supports green charters

When it comes to saving energy, we adopt the

best operating practices across our portfolio.

We are proud to be a signatory to these charters

led by the HKSAR Government, all of which

encapsulates good environmental practices

that are in line with our sustainability strategy:

• Carbon Reduction Charter

• Energy Saving Charter

• Charter on External Lighting

• Ts Charter

Partnering with green organisations

Hongkong Land extends its support to green

business groups and organisations through

its Gold Patron membership in the Hong Kong

Green Building Council and being a Council

Member of Business Environment Council.

Over the years, we have participated and

encouraged our tenants to join in the WWF

Earth Hour campaign, a global event to raise

awareness of climate change and promote

energy saving. In recent years, we have also

supported the Hong Kong No Air Con Night

organised by local green group Green Sense.

Top 10

participants in the IAQ certiication scheme

10 years of commitment

18 certificates

awarded to our buildings