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Sustainability 2016

Dedicated to

a sustainable society

Hongkong Land is fully committed to minimising our

impact on the environment. It is our objective to make

further significant carbon emissions reductions. By 2020,

we intend to reduce our carbon emissions by 30�, as

compared with 2008 levels.

We also collaborate closely with the Hong Kong SAR

Government to build awareness in the community,

and to promote a sustainable society. To demonstrate

our dedication to the cause, we have signed various

charters launched by Hong Kong’s Environment Bureau,

including the Carbon Reduction Charter, the Energy

Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature, and the Charter

on External Lighting.

A breath of fresh air

High standards of indoor air quality are a priority for the

Company. We strive to deliver the best air quality on all

our properties, and for all our tenants. We are proud of

our efforts, which have been recognised at a statutory

level by the Hong Kong SAR Environmental Protection

Department. This year alone, we received 14 certificates –

an encouraging outcome that inspires us in our on-going

commitment to maintaining indoor air quality at the

highest levels.



Award we received for

being a leading participant

in the Indoor Air Quality

Certification Scheme


Number of certificates

awarded to our

Hong Kong buildings

To achieve the excellent air quality we strive for, we

maintain fresh air supply in every area of each of our

buildings and we use high-performance filters to reduce

airborne particulates. We also control indoor air pollutant

levels by using no- or low-emission materials throughout

all our buildings. In addition, we systematically inspect

and maintain each of our air-conditioning and ventilation

systems, and we regularly clean all air filters and ducting.

Award we received for

a decade of dedication

to the Indoor Air Quality

Certification Scheme