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Sustainability 2016

Senior management:

Stewardship at the top

Overseeing it all is senior management. A team chosen

by the Chief Executive looks at operational structure,

processes and governance issues. They are committed

to keeping all parties happy, no matter whether they

are business partners, investors, suppliers, customers,

tenants or staff.

Head of Technical Services and

Sustainability: The critical link

The Head of Technical Services and Sustainability

supervises our management systems, working across

different departments to set the right benchmarks

in the fields of sustainability and health and safety.

A key component of this role lies in ensuring we

deliver on the benchmarks we set for ourselves,

thus guaranteeing that our environmental health

and safety management systems operate smoothly.

Managerial staff and committees:

A spectrum of expertise

Managerial staff and committees are responsible for

managing sustainability and fire, health and safety

in their respective buildings. This includes the

Sustainability Manager, Senior Safety, Security

and Training Manager and ISO Committees.

Members of the PropertyManagement staff:

The faces of Hongkong Land

Members of the Company’s Property Management team

are essentially front-of-house when it comes to dealing

with issues relating to fire safety, energy and water

saving, and much more. They manage these issues in

relation to customers and tenants, along with vendors

and contractors.

People make it happen

People are the driving force behind our operations.

It takes a combination of senior management, the

Head of Technical Services and Sustainability and

staff – specifically, managerial staff and committees,

and employees – to ensure we meet our social and

sustainability targets in a smooth and efficient manner.

Here is an insight into what these teams of people do,

and how they work together.

Senior management

Head of Technical Services and Sustainability

Managerial staff and committees

Members of the Property Management staff