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Hongkong Land Property Management


is a cornerstone

of our business

Our approach

Strong foundations are what make it possible for us to achieve our targets when

it comes to the environment, the community and the people who work with us.

Regulatory controls, management systems and a consistently ethical approach are

all fundamental if we are to meet our carbon emission reduction targets, contribute

to society in a meaningful way and operate to the highest safety standards.


Sustainability Policy

Hongkong Land is committed to high levels of

sustainability within the properties we develop

and manage in order to minimise our impact on

the environment as far as is practical. In doing so,

we create long-term value for our business and

the communities in which we operate.

We believe that sustainability is a necessary

and attainable goal to strive for through

improved products and processes, diligence

and innovation

We regard full compliance with statutory

requirements as a minimum standard and we

seek to apply best practices wherever possible

We are committed to improving our

environmental standards, including those

affecting health and safety by modifying,

upgrading, or replacing our buildings’ facilities

and systems

We set long-term targets for improvement and

measure our performance against these goals

Engaging our stakeholders

We value our stakeholders – whether we are engaging

with business partners, shareholders and investors,

tenants and customers, employees, suppliers and

contractors, governance groups or communities,

we recognise the importance of these partnerships

in driving the success of our business.

We work with each of these parties to ensure that we

consistently perform at our best, employing various

engagement strategies in order to connect and

communicate. These include communication materials,

engagement surveys, staff programmes and governance,

as well as processes we establish with our suppliers to

ensure they commit to and meet our aims with respect

to sustainability.




groups and






and investors

Tenants and