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Sustainability 2016

Message from our

Chief Executive


Leading the way to

sustainable future

For 127 years, Hongkong Land has been dedicated

to excellence in everything we do, and at every level.

As a company, we have always understood the

importance of not only considering the top-down,

but also the bottom-up, and of considering each one

of our goals from every angle.

Sustainability across our portfolio:

existing and new developments

It is our 360-degree approach that has seen us not

only meet, but also exceed our sustainability goals so

far. We are well on our way to meeting our new carbon

reduction targets for 2020, with a comprehensive audit

process in place, which ensures our existing portfolio

maintains the high efficiency standards that are

synonymous with the Hongkong Land name.

Our new developments, meanwhile, will see us take

sustainability to the next level. At WF CENTRAL, for

example, energy- and water-saving measures have been

a core part of the design and build process from the very

beginning. WF CENTRAL will open in Beijing in 2017,

and yet its market-leading green efforts have already

seen it awarded the highest Three Stars label under

China’s Green Building rating system.

Our aim is to be the best at

everything we do – with support

from our stakeholders

It is and always has been Hongkong Land’s intention to

be an industry forerunner, driving positive change rather

than following in the footsteps of others. This is why

sustainability influences every decision we make, at every

level, and it is also why green technologies and intelligent

design will be part of the process from the ground up

in our new developments.

Of course, we could not achieve any of this without

the help of the people who work with us and for us.

Our business partners, shareholders, investors, tenants

and customers, employees, suppliers, contractors

and the community as a whole all contribute to the

successes – financial and otherwise – of Hongkong Land.

We thank each of you for the support you have given

us so far, and we look forward to partnering with you

as we continue our journey to a sustainable future for

Hongkong Land, and for Hong Kong as a whole.

Robert Wong

Chief Executive