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Sustainability 2016

Strategic update

Message from our Chief Executive


Committed to saving the Earth

Dedicated to health and safety

People are the foundation of our success







Hongkong Land is committed to leading the way when

it comes to sustainable operations and development.

We focus on reducing our carbon footprint, maintaining

excellent indoor air quality, saving energy and water,

and recycling. In our 2016 update on sustainability,

we spotlight our new glass-recycling programme.

Health and safety

Safe, healthy workplaces: this is our pledge to

our people. Training programmes and drills,

communications, management systems and

stringent annual audits are all in place to help us

maintain market-leading health and safety standards.

Community and people

Our staff, our customers, our tenants and the

Hong Kong community – these groups of people

are all important to us and they are at the heart of

our successes. In this update, we look at our annual

CENTRAL Rat Race for MINDSET, as well as a Juvenile

Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme we undertook with

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong and

City University of Hong Kong.