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Hongkong Land Property Management


How we save paper and reduce waste

As well as recycling paper, we have reduced the

amount of paper we use by going digital on all fronts.

We communicate via email instead of sending out paper

circulars, our procurement system is electronic, we save

documents digitally rather than keeping paper files,

we have e-directories and we use a mobile inspection

and patrol system.

Other measures we have adopted to save trees include

the introduction of recycling boxes to promote paper

waste recycling amongst our tenants, and the introduction

of environment-friendly stationery and FSC-certified

paper towels. We also work with our partners and

suppliers to encourage them to save paper, too.

In addition, we work with our laundry service providers

to reuse the wire clothes hangers needed for frontline

staff uniforms; as a result, we saved roughly 27,000

hangers from landfill in 2015. Overall, we recycled about

1,045 tonnes of waste in 2015, significantly reducing

our impact on Hong Kong’s already-overburdened landfills.

Recycling in partnership with our tenants

Hongkong Land is committed to recycling and to helping our

tenants to recycle their waste. In our buildings in Central, we

recycle paper, aluminium cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles from

food and beverages �F&B�, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent tubes

and ink-jet cartridges. You will find recycling facilities for a variety

of forms of waste in each of the refuse collection rooms in our

Central portfolio.

NEW! Glass bottle

recycling programme

In partnership with the Hong Kong SAR Environmental

Protection Department (EPD), we launched a pilot

glass-recycling programme in September 2015. The

programme targets F&B tenants in our Central portfolio,

and we encourage each of them to participate fully and

to contribute to building a more sustainable community.

The programme serves as a pilot for the wider commercial

community, with experience and the lessons learned

applied to glass recycling practices across Hong Kong’s

commercial sectors. As it is still early days, we give the

EPD constant feedback on how the implementation

process is going, in order to improve and enhance the

programme moving forward.

Tenant support is crucial to our on-going

recycling efforts

What we recycled in 2015


Waste paper


Plastic bottles


Aluminium cans


Glass bottles


Fluorescent tubes


Total tonnage saved



Clothes hangers


Rechargeable batteries


Recycled toner/Ink-jet cartridges