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Sustainability 2014
Expanding the Site to Meet Needs
The new Forum – like its predecessor, which was
built in 1988 – is located between Exchange Square’s
two towers. This HK$560 million development was
reconstructed from a shopping arcade into an office
building. The project commenced in December 2011
and was completed in early 2014. The decision to
completely redesign the building presented an array
of challenges – mainly, that The Forum had to be
considerably larger than its forerunner, but at the
same time also meet Hongkong Land’s demanding
requirements for improved carbon footprint and
an increased public plaza area.
Design Reduces Carbon Footprint
The Forum, with its stunning, crystalline glass-wall-
and-steel-frame design, is designed to resemble a cut
gemstone nestled within the surroundings of Central.
It was constructed using innovative building techniques,
leading-edge electrical and mechanical energy-saving
systems, and the latest communications systems.
State-of-the-art green materials and technologies were
also applied, including solar panels, LED lighting, and
roof gardens that act as solar heat sinks. At The Forum,
these innovative materials, construction methods and
energy-saving initiatives result in a building that is both
significantly lighter and more energy-efficient than
the previous building, and which has greatly improved
Hongkong Land’s carbon footprint.
Local Environment Benefits
Despite the new building’s increased capacity,
Hongkong Land was able to create a new, expanded
garden environment by combining the East and West
plaza areas into a single space. This created an area
for more ornamental trees and landscaped areas
that the public can enjoy and relax in, plus improved
pedestrian connectivity and easy access to outdoor
spaces. Despite the many changes, the new design
and landscaping preserve The Forum’s familiar fountain,
as well as the Company’s iconic statues and sculptures
by internationally acclaimed artists such as Henry Moore,
Dame Elisabeth Frink and Ju Ming.
Green Features for
The Forum