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Hongkong Land Property Management
Major improvements to toilet areas mean substantial
savings, and not just in energy and water. Exchange
Square’s toilet renovation saw the replacement of quality
marble walls and floor finishes restricted to a ‘need only’
basis. Jardine House’s toilet renovation was done with
less demolition, saving transportation and landfill costs.
The new toilet bowl flush uses six litres of water as
opposed to the 13 litres required by earlier systems,
while urinals self-flush every 15 minutes. Installing LED
lighting with motion sensors in Jardine House’s toilets
saves 200,000 kWh annually, which equals a 158,000 kg
reduction in carbon emissions, while the Company
achieved a 30% reduction in toilet paper usage by
using double-deck toilet roll dispensers. These are now
portfolio-wide standard solutions for toilet renovations.
Toilet Renovation
To upgrade the appearance of public use corridors
and lift lobbies in Prince’s Building, as well as to
improve energy savings, Hongkong Land used new,
lighter-coloured walls and ceiling finishes as well as
high-efficiency light panels. Reusing existing floor
marble and LED light installations also contributed to
an environmentally friendly renovation. These solutions
have since been adopted in Jardine House and will be
further extended to Alexandra House.
Last year, all of Exchange Square’s staircases that were
previously fitted with existing lighting fixtures using CF
(compact fluorescent) tubes received new LED lights
linked to motion sensors and dimmers. This resulted
in a significant drop in energy consumption, as lights
automatically dim to 30% of their normal level once
the area has been empty for one minute. The success
of this programme led Hongkong Land to extend these
new lighting systems to staircases in the Company’s
other buildings in Central. Staircases used exclusively as
emergency fire exits receive a reduced illumination level
that is still higher than the minimum code requirement.
Corridor and Lobby Renovation Staircase Light Dimming
kg less
carbon emission
every year
kWh saved
toilet paper usage
Savings from newly installed
LED lighting with motion sensors
in Jardine House’s toilets