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Hongkong Land Property Management
ISO14001 –
ISO 14001 is a rigorous and demanding global
standard for environmental management
that was developed by the International
Organisation for Standardisation. In 2014,
Hongkong Land’s Property Management
Department implemented an Environmental
Management System (EMS) across the
Company’s buildings in the Central Business
District, resulting in certification for all of them
to ISO 14001 standards with full compliance.
The benefits of ISO 14001 certification match Hongkong
Land’s strong commitment to sustainability through the
systematic management of environmental issues and
full compliance with all environment-related codes
and regulations.
To achieve certification, an authorised independent
certifying body, BSI was appointed to conduct a thorough
verification process to ensure that our buildings have fully
conformed to ISO’s highly challenging criteria. It
takes a comprehensive look at the buildings – from
physical inspections of everything from roof to
basement, to a detailed review of the implemented
Environmental Management System, to interviewing
building operation staff.
ISO 14001 improves environmental performance
through systematic processes that establish
environmental targets and are subject to regular
performance reviews. Environmental awareness
among staff is enhanced through comprehensive
training, and reinforced by reminders in offices and
plant rooms to help minimise the environmental
impact of daily operations.
ISO 14001 is based on continuous assessment.
To maintain certification, Hongkong Land will
continue to work towards effective, lasting and
systematic sustainability through intelligent
environmental management.
Mr. AaronChim
, Lead auditor of BSI
Interviewwith the ISOCertifying Body
What are the keys to getting an
Environmental Management System
(EMS) certified by ISO 14001
standard? What advice would you
give to organisations without any
experience with ISO certification?
One key is identifying environmental
aspects and legal issues within your
scope of operations, and then
establishing objectives, targets and
programmes at relevant functional levels,
plus determining the controls necessary
to ensure that you are both meeting
environmental targets and in full
You must also establish, implement and
maintain relevant procedures for controls
and processes as required by the
standard; set up required documents,
like an environmental policy and scope;
and provide training and necessary
resources for staff to operate the EMS.
What do you think about Hongkong
Land’s EMS and green initiatives?
EMS is just the first step for green
initiatives, starting with the Company’s
sustainability report from 2011 onward.
So even though their ISO 14001
certificate is new, they already have
comprehensive data to support EMS
operation, which helps continual
improvement in sustainability reporting.
What are the key differences between
Hongkong Land’s ISO 14001
certification project and your other
certification projects? What are the
challenges and constraints of this
One key difference, and challenge,
was the large area controlled within
different properties. Consistent,
systematic implementation of the EMS
across different properties is critical.