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Hongkong Land Property Management
Since the days of its founder, Sir Catchick Paul Chater,
Hongkong Land has been a keen collector and
longstanding supporter of the arts, both internationally
and locally. Over the years the Company has sought
the advice of a number of experts to help it build and
enhance its collection. Among them are art critics,
historians, museum curators, private art collectors,
restoration experts and consultants.
Hongkong Land’s pioneering use of artwork to enhance
its building environments began in 1974 with the
purchase of Henry Moore’s sculpture, ‘Oval with Points’,
which was acquired to adorn the outside of the newly
finished Connaught Centre (now Jardine House). Moore’s
‘Double Oval’ was brought in later to stand in Connaught
Garden. ‘Oval with Points’ was moved to Exchange
Square’s entrance in 1985.
Enhancing the Environment with Art
Other important works acquired to mark Exchange
Square’s opening were two large paintings by Australian
Sir Sidney Nolan, ‘Landscape I’ and ‘Landscape II’;
two bronze water buffalo by Dame Elisabeth Frink;
‘Mankind’, a 4m-high white marble sculpture from
Hong Kong’s preeminent sculptor, Chu Hon-sun,
purchased for Three Exchange Square’s lobby; and
Ju Ming’s iconic bronze sculptures.
In addition to these permanent displays are regular
exhibitions at The Rotunda, Exchange Square, featuring
paintings and sculptures by local and internationally
acclaimed artists, installations by masters, and works
from the early explorers of China’s coast.
In a tribute to the Company’s founder, a plaque and
bust of Sir Catchick Paul Chater’s likeness by celebrated
sculptor Chu Tat-shing are now displayed in Chater House.
1,600PandasWorldTour inHongKong
Combining conservation with creativity, “Made-in-Hong Kong”
Paper Mache Panda Exhibition received overwhelming response.
While the pandas were designed by French artist Paulo Grangeon,
members of the community were invited to create personalised
paper mache pandas for public display and helped raise
HK$1 million to support WWF-Hong Kong. As the Community
Creativity and Culture Partner of the 1,600 Pandas World Tour in
Hong Kong, Hongkong Land hosted the world’s first-ever Paper
Mache Panda Workshop with a total of 62 classes for around
2,500 participants. With support from the Bless Hong Kong
campaign, underprivileged children and individuals were also
able to join the workshops. The creativity and collaborations
by the community in this project were a great expression of the
Hong Kong spirit. 1,600 paper mache pandas – representing
the total number of giant pandas in the wild – were displayed
at Hongkong Land’s CENTRAL properties from 18
July to
August 2014 before being returned to their makers.