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Hongkong Land Property Management
Customer Service
Our buildings are an integral part of the communities
where they are located, therefore Hongkong Land places
a strong emphasis on the quality of customer service we
offer. Since 2009 we have organised regular mystery
shopper surveys to help enhance our service standards
by heightening awareness of our expectations and
encouraging ongoing improvement. Mystery visits
and phone calls to all our buildings and relevant staff
functions measure presentation, communication and
manners. Hongkong Land’s service providers and
their employees are also covered in the surveys,
and a Customer Service Award is given to the highest-
scoring team.
Customer Service Centre (CSC)
Dealing with customer and tenant phone calls, emails
and faxes, the CSC provides a communication channel
between Hongkong Land and its customers, focusing
particularly on building management and enquiries.
Set up in 2003 as a one-stop solution for all enquiries
about Central properties and amenities, the CSC now
handles 90% of all tenant service requests. Building staff
concentrate on finding solutions, while customer service
officers provide information and feedback for customer
enquiries on work or projects in progress.
Open communication is at the core of Hongkong
Land’s value system. The hundreds of Hongkong Land
employees that manage our buildings also form an
important part of the community. This year saw
Hongkong Land’s Property Management Department
host its eighth Communication Day for all property
management staff, under the slogan “We Care”.
In addition to delivering updates from management
on the latest developments in the department, the
programme provides a platform for open exchange
between senior management, administrative staff
and frontline employees.
This year the focus for the day was on how to
continuously care for the environment, our customers,
service standards and properties. The department’s
teams were invited to submit presentations that
represented their efforts and learnings for the year.
The results were exceptional and reflective of the
teams’ great amount of attention, care and creativity.
of all tenant service
requests handled
by CSC