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Hongkong Land Property Management
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
When a person suffers a sudden heart attack involving
cardiovascular failure, the ability to apply resuscitation
within the first ‘five golden minutes’ is the most critical
factor in determining the victim’s chances of survival.
In this drill, Hongkong Land’s AED-certified building
staff must be able to reach a victim at any location in
the Company’s Central property network within five
minutes and apply the AED in combination with cardio
pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). AEDs are readily
available at all Hongkong Land buildings in Central.
Occupational Health and Safety
We believe that training is critical in order to achieve a
high standard of Health and Safety assurance. All
Hongkong Land building staff receive compulsory Health
and Safety Training as soon as they join the Company.
Sustainable practices alone lack substance if they are not
matched with equally rigorous standards of Occupational
Health & Safety. So while First Aid Training for new
employees is arranged, it forms only a portion of the
staff’s obligatory Emergency Preparedness skills, which
also cover training to deal with a variety of emergency
situations including fire, power failures, flooding and
typhoons, and use of the Automated External Defibrillator
(AED). Air and drinking water quality are both verified
continuously, and even the most extreme scenarios
are taken into account – just one example being the
preparation of an influenza pandemic contingency plan
for SARS, avian flu and other communicable diseases.
First Aid
In keeping with our strict approach to health and safety
in the workplace, a sizeable number of Hongkong Land
employees have attended comprehensive first aid
courses and qualified as a result, allowing for certified
first aiders to be on 24-hour standby in building
management offices. Well-maintained first aid boxes
are also readily available at all Hongkong Land buildings
in Central. Our Customer Service Hotline is ready for
rapid response to any tenant’s first aid requests, and
each first aid box contains all the necessary items.
Over 300 attended Green Card Safety Training, while
more than 100 completed First Aid Training and were
certified as First Aiders. Further, over 250 Hongkong
Land staff have been trained to use the potentially
life-saving AED devices located strategically across
the Company’s portfolio.
certified as
First Aiders
AED training
attended Green
Card Training