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 Hongkong Land Property Management
Commercial buildings are
large consumers of energy
– in non-manufacturing,
Hong Kong, they are the
largest electricity user.
Hongkong Land is constantly
researching, implementing
and monitoring new
technologies, innovative
ideas and improved
processes to enhance the
relationship of our buildings
with the environment that
surrounds them.
Technology Empowering Sustainability
New technologies can improve both service quality and efficiency.
Hongkong Land is an established leader in the construction and building
management industries in terms of implementing new systems, solutions
and materials to upgrade existing, premium-grade properties to the very
latest standards of comfort, service and efficiency.
New Lift Systems: Performance ‘Up’, Energy ‘Down’
In 2008, Hongkong Land green-lit a major programme to upgrade every
passenger lift in the Central commercial property portfolio by using a new,
radically superior microprocessor control and the latest-generation Power
Factor One energy regenerating traction drives.
With 69 lifts across four buildings already
upgraded and back in service, and work
on the rest either in progress or due to
commence shortly, the programme was
already proving to be a great success
by end-2012. Passengers now spend
significantly less time in lifts, travel
more comfortably, and enjoy enhanced
security – all with greater energy efficiency.
Efficiency improvements to date include up
to 50% less time spent per lift journey, and
up to 30% less energy consumption.