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Main Areas
Covered in
this Report
CE Message
The Sustainability Sea Change:
Attitude Is the Key to Success
This annual sustainability report from Hongkong Land’s Property
Management department examines the Company’s performance
in fulfilling the goals and spirit of its Sustainability Policy over the
preceding 12 months. Most notably, this includes the commitment
to a 20% reduction in the energy consumption and carbon emissions
of all Hongkong Land’s managed properties by 2020 as compared to
2008 levels.
In this year’s report, we highlight a wide range of initiatives – from the
Green Roofs project, to the comprehensive upgrade programmes for
seawater circulation and high-performance passenger lifts – all actively
influenced by the principles and goals of our Sustainability Policy.
The measurable achievements of these projects, programmes,
initiatives and innovations are encouraging: By the end of 2012, there
were cumulative reductions of 14% in electricity consumption and
19% in carbon emissions. Hongkong Land has also been recognised
with numerous awards and certifications for its performance in
areas such as air and water quality. While the report focuses on
the properties in our CENTRAL portfolio in the heart of Hong Kong,
various sustainability initiatives are underway across Asia.
Sustainability, however, is not a one-off issue that can be isolated and
‘fixed’. Committing to sustainable business principles represents
a sea change in our behaviour and attitudes – both as individuals and,
for Hongkong Land, as a corporate citizen. That is why we also include
a review of the Company’s policies and practices in health and safety,
as well as our interactions with the local community and all our other
stakeholders to make sustainable thinking an automatic and instinctive
part of our working lives.
We believe that emphasising cooperative action is the key to success.
As a company, we invest significantly in new systems, materials,
processes and technologies to improve our buildings’ carbon
footprints. Yet we cannot succeed in isolation, nor can technology.
Only with the support and participation of all our stakeholders can
we make the greatest, most enduring improvements. Sustainability
is a cooperative mission, not a team sport. There’s no limit on
participation. Everyone can – and should – join in.
Y.K. Pang
The Community
Our buildings play essential roles in
their communities and neighbourhoods.
In many ways, they help define the identity
of those communities. We show some of
the ways we connect with and give back
to the community.
Health and Safety
We look at ways in which Hongkong Land,
as a corporate citizen, assures safe and
healthy conditions for all who use its
buildings. We also look at how we integrate
our tenants and partners into our safety
programmes. Finally, we cover work/ life
balance, where a sustainable quality of life
for all is the minimum requirement.
Sustainability focuses first and foremost on
achieving balance between the resources
we extract from our planet, and the effect
of what we do with them on its ecology.
We look at various projects that show
how either using less or giving back
more benefits the environment – without
compromising the quality of service
we provide to our customers and the
community in any way.