Press Releases

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Name Date Posted
Termination of Memorandum of Agreement ("MOA") Between Hongkong Land and IOI Properties Group 27th March 2018
Hongkong Land Unveils Central Beyond Vision Exhibition in Collaboration with Beyond Vision Projects 20th March 2018
2017 Preliminary Announcement of Results 8th March 2018
Serpentine Galleries and WF CENTRAL Announce First International Serpentine Pavilion in Beijing 31st January 2018
Astra International and Hongkong Land Reveal Their Latest Collaboration; ARUMAYA 31st January 2018
Interim Management Statement 9th November 2017
Hongkong Land Announces Soft Opening of WF CENTRAL 1st November 2017
Hongkong Land celebrates the launch of Reunion Exhibition 24th October 2017
CENTRAL Rat Race 2017 Cancellation due to typhoon signal #3 14th October 2017
EXCHANGE SQUARE Redefining Retail and Commercial Luxury in the Heart of Phnom Penh 16th August 2017
2017 Half-Yearly Results Announcement 3rd August 2017
12th CENTRAL Rat Race Set to Take Over the CBD for Charity 13th June 2017
IOI Properties Group and Hongkong Land to Jointly Develop Central Boulevard Land in Singapore 12th June 2017
Interim Management Statement 3rd May 2017
Publication of 2016 Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting 5th April 2017
Hongkong Land presents “GANG” (罡) – The Awakened Warrior 9th March 2017
2016 Preliminary Announcement of Results 2nd March 2017
Interim Management Statement 9th November 2016
Hong Kong comes out to support mental health at CENTRAL Rat Race 2016 16th October 2016
Hongkong Land Breathes New Life into Wangfujing with Landmark Project WF CENTRAL 22nd September 2016
Landmark Riverside Park Opens in Chongqing 10th September 2016
2016 Half-Yearly Results Announcement 28th July 2016
Hongkong Land and OPCFHK jointly present Descendants of the Earth: Horseshoe Crab as the finale of the 2015/16 Juvenile Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme 29th June 2016
EXCHANGE SQUARE in Cambodia Topped Out 28th June 2016
The CENTRAL Rat Race Kicks Off Another Decade of Charity Excitement 2nd June 2016
Interim Management Statement 4th May 2016
Publication of 2015 Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting 7th April 2016
Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016 7th April 2016
McNamara Art Projects in collaboration with Hongkong Land Unveils LYNN CHADWICK Exhibition 14th March 2016
2015 Preliminary Announcement of Results 3rd March 2016